Virtual Business Bundle

Estate Vision is proud to offer our Virtual Business Bundle for businesses looking to grow their online presence and increase traffic to their website. Ideally suited for brick & mortar businesses, teaching centers, co-working spaces, or businesses preparing for renovation or sale – this Virtual Business Bundle includes all the digital assets you need to increase your business visibility online.

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Interactive 3D Virtual Business Tour with Virtual Tags

Our interactive 3D Virtual Business Tour (sample shown above) can be embedded directly to your website, allowing prospective customers or guests to virtually walk through your business right from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

As an added bonus, you can highlight areas of interest or featured products within the 3D Virtual Tour through the use of Virtual Tags. These Virtual Tags are dynamic and can be used to describe your space or sell products from within your 3D Business Tour; use your Virtual Tags to link from the tour directly to products on your business’s E-Commerce website for an engaging online sales strategy.

The overhead view below shows how the Virtual Tags can be used to highlight areas of interest in your business with a single click:

Examples of Tour Tags

HDR Commercial Photography Session

Capture images of your space, display products on store shelves, and highlight store features in beautiful High Dynamic Range (HDR) format to grab the attention of your customers!

HDR Photography works by taking a collection of images at different exposures and blending them together in the editing process to produce a single photograph that captures and most accurately portrays the way our eyes perceive light. 

Professionally edited HDR photos are perfect for sharing on your company’s social media accounts or in brochures to help promote your business! Receive up to 30 professionally edited images as a part of the Virtual Business Bundle.

Google Maps & Street View Publishing

360-degree photography captured from your 3D Virtual Business Tour is uploaded directly to Google Maps & Street View to give clients a new and highly-interactive avenue to discover your business. This allows Google Maps users who are exploring your neighbourhood to step directly off the street and into your business on Google Street View. This populates your Google My Business profile with content your customers crave and boosts your Google ranking – driving even more traffic to your website! 

Google Maps 360' Tour

Your Virtual Business Bundle Includes:

Free 1-Hour Consultation

Receive a free 1-hour personal consultation to determine your business's unique needs.

3D Virtual Business Tour

Receive an interactive 3D virtual walk-through tour of your business which can be embedded directly to your website, and can be connected to your e-commerce website through Virtual Tags.

10 Detailed Virtual Tags

Receive 10 Virtual Tags that can be used to describe your space and/or connect directly with your business' e-Commerce website to sell services or products. *Note: additional Virtual Tags are available at $10 per tag.

1 Year of 3D Tour Hosting

1st year of 3D Virtual Business Tour hosting is included. *Note: a $60 hosting fee is due upon completion of 1 year from the 3D tour's publication date and billed annually thereafter.

Google Maps / Street View Publishing

Have your 3D Virtual Business Tour published to Google Maps as a series of Street View / 360° photos on your business' Google My Business profile.

HDR Commercial Photography Session

Receive up to 30 professionally edited, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs of your space or your products to use in marketing or share on social media.

Optional 2D Floorplan

Receive an option to purchase a 2D Schematic Floor Plan for an additional $100.

Top 5 Ways to Maximize With Your Virtual Business Bundle:

Publish Your 3D Tour To Google Maps

Google Maps Publishing creates a new avenue for potential clients to find your business online while browsing your neighborhood on Google street view.

Connect Your 3D Tour To An Online Shop

Increase sales by showcasing your business in beautiful 3D to get more traffic to your online shop or website! By using descriptive tags within the 3D Virtual Business Tour, you can link your products or service packages directly to the appropriate pages of your company's website. You can even include images and gifs within these tags, so feel free to get creative with it!

Showcase Your Tour On Zoom Calls

Share the digital twin of your space and give your clients a Virtual Business Tour on your next Zoom call! Use it to share your business’ services and amenities with clients virtually.

Share Your Tour On Your Website

Increase client engagement and convey the value in your business and services with a top-quality 3D Virtual Business Tour. Whether proudly displayed on your homepage or on a dedicated tour page of its own, let your 3D virtual walk through tour shine!

Share Your Tour With Contractors

Planning on renovating or selling your business? 3D Tours scan areas with an accuracy between 1-2% of reality, allowing visitors to take accurate measurements of your space with a measurement tool directly within your 3D Virtual Business Twin. This is helpful to contractors who may need to assess your business’s floor or wall space. The data from your tour can also be used to create stunningly accurate 2D Schematic floor plans you can send to contractors, or in company brochures. (Please note: optional 2D Floor Plans can be purchased for an additional $100 - see details below).

*Limited Time Offer*
Virtual Business Bundle Pricing:

Our Virtual Business Bundle offers exceptional value at the prices below, however discount pricing is available for a limited time only. 

Optional 2D Floor Plan

2D Schematic Floor Plan measurements are accurate from 1%-2% of reality & can be useful for businesses looking to advertise or sell their space, or be shared with contractors.

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